Experience Eastlake Living at Liza

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Eastlake is one of Seattle's last hidden gems. Maybe because it’s nestled so perfectly next to South Lake Union, Fremont and Montlake, Eastlake has been allowed to silently cultivate a unique identity separate from the rest. Close to it all yet somehow a bit under the radar, Eastlake is one of the last Seattle zip codes to boast quaint suburban lifestyle and abundant greenery. Its charms are many–and so very Seattle.

Eastlake Restaurants and Bars

While kayaks and paddleboards are popular modes of transport around here, Eastlake is still wonderfully walkable. Liza is two blocks from the water, and steps away from low-key pubs, iconic Seattle restaurants (happy hour at Serafina, anyone?) and your choice of coffee shop vibes. Rogers Park–with its green space and tennis courts–is right outside. And don’t forget the huge biotech hub just down the strip in South Lake Union. Why not skip the long commute?
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Enjoy a Variety of Community Events

Liza resides right on a main line for public transport, with bike lanes for free and easy access to main thoroughfares, you can make it to work with your coffee still piping hot. That’s Eastlake for you. Covert convenience. An air of calm mingled with possibility. If perfectly balanced Seattle life exists, this is where you’ll find it

Life on the Lake

Lake Union offers an array of exhilarating water activities for enthusiasts of all kinds. Kayaking along the calm waters provides a serene experience, allowing explorers to admire the stunning cityscape and iconic landmarks like the Space Needle from a unique perspective. For those seeking a bit more thrill, paddleboarding offers a fantastic blend of tranquility and excitement as one glides across the shimmering surface. Additionally, sailing enthusiasts can delight in the winds, while boat tours cater to those desiring a relaxed yet informative journey around the lake. Whether it's a leisurely day on a paddleboard or an adventure-filled excursion on a kayak, Lake Union ensures a delightful aquatic escapade for all who visit.

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Convenient and central

Every day see the lake come alive, and the city with it. Your morning sightline will be dotted by seaplanes gently rising from the water and ships and kayaks gliding silently past. Evenings will be filled candy colored, twilight reflections of the towers of the Business District and the warm glow of Queen Anne hill. But, even with all this, just beyond a pane of glass, you'll still find yourself most at ease experiencing all Liza has to offer. With stunning, artfully crafted, shared spaces from the expansive rooftop deck to the designer chef’s kitchen and luxe lounge, recreation and community are all found at Liza. But it’s also a living building, and certified as such, with as much Seattle-approved, solar-powered sustainability as modern Northwest style. Through and through, Liza is the vision of award-winning architects and interior designers. Learn to ebb and flow with the tide. At Liza, you don’t have to choose. The many sides of Seattle are all yours.